Seminar@IWG-WB Prof. Laurent SchmittNavigation, hydropower, sediment legacies, functional restoration and transboundary management of the Upper Rhine
DWA working group "Quality Management in the Use of Multidimensional Flow Models"DWA working group "Quality Management in the Use of Multidimensional Flow Models"

A new working group was established by DWA called "Quality Management in the Use of Multidimensional Flow Models."

A new DWA working group was formed on February 15, 2023, at KIT-IWG, comprising of experts from administration, consulting companies, model developers, and users. Dr. Peter Oberle, a member of the DWA Hydraulics Expert Committee, has been appointed as the spokesperson. The aim of the group is to establish standardized procedures that ensure the qualified use of (2D in particular) flow models in water management practice.

Visit of the Iffezheim hydropower plantVisit of the Iffezheim hydropower plant

On February 17th, 2023, students from the Master's program Water Science and Engineering and Bachelor's program in Civil Engineering visited the Iffezheim Rhein power plant for a four-hour tour.

Under the expert guidance of EnBW, the students visited the automatic control room, the machine room in which the turbines and generators are installed, the fishway and the weir.

The tour was a success as the students learned about the state-of-the-art technology used to operate the power plant and the importance of protecting the environment and fish populations.

Completion of the KIT-IWG outdoor laboratoryCompletion of the KIT-IWG outdoor laboratory

On the outdoor laboratory, the hydraulic runoff processes of thin layer surface runoff on natural surfaces are analyzed as part of the "WiPaD" project on behalf of the LUBW.

Based on these investigations, new insights will be gained for the calculation of heavy rain risk maps.

Job in academy. When what they want is what you needJob in academy. When what they want is what you need

On 28th November, Mário Franca participated on a webinar on “How to get a job”, a pre-event from the 3rd IAHR Young Professionals Congress (

He made a short presentation “Job in academy. When what they want is what you need”, which is available under the link below.

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Successful commissioning of an innovative water supply system in a remote karst region in VietnamSuccessful commissioning of an innovative water supply system in a remote karst region in Vietnam

Within the BMBF-funded project KaWaTech Solutions researchers and technicians from KIT-IWG together with KSB AG completed successfully the implementation of a pilot water pumping system based on hydro power and photovoltaic.

It secures the water supply for more then 10.000 people in the Dong Van district and in future will be operated by the local water administration.

The R&D efforts serve as an initial basis for the implementation of similar systems in water scarce areas worldwide.

25 years at KIT !25 years at KIT!

On October 1st, 2022, our colleague Dr. Peter Oberle celebrates his 25th service anniversary.

He has headed the "Numerical Analysis in Hydraulic Engineering" department since 2005 and, with his expertise, is an important pillar of the institute.

We are pleased to have such a valuable colleague in our ranks, both personally and professionally. Dear Peter, congratulations and we look forward to more successful years!

IAHR Baden-Württemberg YPN, 21st annual colloquiumIAHR Baden-Württemberg YPN, 21st annual colloquium

This year annual colloquium of IAHR Baden-Württemberg YPN was held on November 04th 2022 at the Universität Stuttgart.

Young scientists and professionals from research institutions within Baden-Württemberg have come and shared their works and visions contribute to “Sustainable Water management: Challenges for the next generation” – this year highlight.

Prof. Mário Franca gave his lecture in professional forum, while M.Sc. Dan Trinh’s presentation was one of the two honorable mentions in young professional forum.

Blinde Flecken bei der Überwachung von PlastikmüllBlind spots in the monitoring of plastic waste

KIT researchers and partners suspect that much more plastic is transported in flowing waters than previously assumed and are developing new modelling approaches.

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Seminar_at_IWG_2022_10_28_700PxPhysics-Based and Data-Driven Modeling in Environmental Hydraulics
River engineering; alluring by complexityRiver engineering; alluring by complexity

Prof. Mário Franca gave the opening lecture “River engineering; alluring by complexity”at the colloquium of the BAW „Flussbauliche Herausforderungen an der Elbe im Wandel der Zeit“.

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Conference “Monitoring for High Dam Lifetime: Reliable Supply of Water and Electricity in times of Decarbonization” Conference “Monitoring for High Dam Lifetime"

Conference “Monitoring for High Dam Lifetime: Reliable Supply of Water and Electricity in times of Decarbonization” , 15.-17.09.2022, Tbilisi (Georgia).

The conference highlighted the major results and further aims of the DAMAST project that were reached during the co-operation between georgian and german scientists. During the field trip, representatives of the German embassy and the BMBF were able to inform themselves about the research work on site.

Günther Kühn celebrated 40 years of serviceGünther Kühn celebrated 40 years of service

On September 23rd, 2022, Günther Kühn celebrated 40 (!) years of service. On this occasion, Mario Franca presented him with the certificate of thanks signed by Ministerpräsident Winfried Minister Kretschmann. The entire institute congratulates and is happy to have a colleague who is so valuable in human and professional terms in its ranks.

Visit of Regierungspräsidentin Sylvia M. Felder (RP Karlsruhe)Visit of Regierungspräsidentin Sylvia M. Felder (RP Karlsruhe)

During her visit to KIT on September 5, 2022, Regierungspräsidentin Sylvia M. Felder (RP Karlsruhe) informed herself also about ongoing institutes research projects in the field of floods events.

After an introduction of KIT by President Prof. Dr. Holger Hanselka and of Division IV - Natural and Built Environment - by the head Prof. Dr. Johannes Orphal, Dr. Andreas Kron presented the institute with current research topics.

Afterwards, M.Sc. Christin Kannen guided the group through the hydraulic lab and explained various model experiments.

Joint IWG-VAW workshop on river engineeringJoint IWG-VAW workshop on river engineering

On July 14th, 17 participants from the IWG, the IfH and colleagues from the Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology at the ETH Zürich met for a one-day workshop on river engineering.

In 5 technical talks and a tour of the hydraulic laboratories at the KIT, current issues and methods in river engineering were discussed and possible research cooperations were explored.

Gesinus-Meeting (Photography by Michael Hils/BfG)Gesinus-Meeting

On July 6/7, 2022, after a two-year break from Corona, a Gesinus meeting (GErman-SINoUnsteadySediment transport group) was held again.

As always, with presentations of actual Research projects, interesting technical discussions and opportunities for personal exchange.


Photography by Michael Hils/BfG

Seminar_at_IWG_2022_07_22_700PxDesign of wood retention structures in rivers

Wood is an integral part of a river ecosystem and can be transported during both small and large floods. To manage wood transport in Alpine rivers, rack structures have been installed to retain wood upstream of endangered settlements or infrastructures.


The seminar video is online now.

Link to the seminar PDF file
Seminar@IWG-WB am 29. Juli 2022Can gravel augmentations and bank re-erosion may rehabilitate geomorphological functionality of large regulated rivers?

The case of the Old Rhine River downstream of the Kembs dams (France/Germany).


The seminar video is online now.

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IAHR World Congress “From Snow To Sea”World Congress “From Snow To Sea”

From June 19th - 24th the 39th IAHR World Congress “From Snow To Sea” will take place in Granada, Spain (IAHR 2022). The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), founded in 1935, is a worldwide independent organisation of engineers and water specialists working in fields related to the hydro-environmental sciences and their practical application.

Researchers from all over the world present their results to more than 1200 registered attendees.

Prof. Dr. Mário Franca, Dr. Daniel Valero (Simulation of a Transient Gravity Current – Comparison of Four RANS Eddy-Viscosity Turbulence Models), Wendy Gonzalez Otero (Numerical Modelling of the Suspended Sediment Transport in a Reservoir under the Influence of Wind and Temperature) and Tim Kerlin (Parameterization of Flow Resistance for the Hydrodynamic Numerical Simulation of Sheetflow) will represent the IWG with their contributions.

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2022_05_09_Tour_de_PhD_700PxTour de PhD

As part of the Tour de PhD, 18 PhD students from Wageningen University came to visit KIT. In the morning, research topics were presented and a discussion was held. Afterwards, guided tours were offered in the Theodor Rehbock Laboratory and in the hydraulic engineering laboratory of the IfH. After lunch the group took a walk across Karlsruhe Castle to the BAW. Here, the BAW laboratories were shown in a guided tour. The day was then concluded with a joint dinner at the Badisches Brauhaus.

Girls'Day 2022Girls'Day 2022

Today M.Sc. Katrin Trautwein and M.Sc. Christin Kannen presented the profession of an hydraulic engineer in an online seminar as part of Girlsday 2022. 6 girls at the age of 9-16 years could get an insight into the profession of a researcher and hydraulic engineer. Katrin presented the project KaWaTech in Vietnam and Christin reported about a research project on hydromorphological modelling of scour processes.

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Enguri-damThe Federal Ministry of Education and Research reports on the joint project DAMAST
NewsPresentation “Flood risk management didn’t age well“ by Prof. Mário Franca

On 22 March, Mário Franca did a presentation with the title “Flood risk management didn’t age well“ by invitation of the Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology of ETHZ, in Zurich. Based on an analysis of the unfortunate flood events occurred in July 2021 in Northwestern Germany, and considering the demands which post-Anthropocene will bring in terms of extreme weather events, Mario Franca reflected on which evolution is needed to better evaluate flood hazard.

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